100 Days – Day 99

Wow. It feels like the last 99 days have absolutely flown.

After my post yesterday, I stayed up quite late and wrote a lot of music – 9 part string polyphony, under a monophonic “pillar” inspired SATB texture. More music than I thought I needed to! The problem now is that that music is a bit raw, and needs a bit more work than I have time left to do within the confines of the 100 days. It also necessitates a bit of a revision of the middle of ACC1 (the connection between the 2nd bit and the new 3rd bit) and a lengthening and development of the very ending, which at the moment is, I think, excellent, but just doesn’t quite fit onto the end. After the big slow build up of the 1st section, the little fugal passage of the 2nd, and the quite monumental 3rd section, the original 4th section just feels underdeveloped.

I’m going to compose sans blog this weekend, and try to get those bits done, and then when I go to Berlin next week, I’m going to begin a 7 days type thing. I might try a Japanese Video Game-style naming convention and call it 100 Days Redux – The Berlin Chronicles – Day (1-7)

Either way, I won’t finish within the parameters of the 100 days, but I’ll still finish before the end of August, which is still on time in terms of the meta-schedule. And the reason I won’t finish tomorrow is because I came up with an excellent idea which just needs a little more time.