100 Days – Day 98

Well well well, the time is nearly up!

The good news is that the piece is nearly finished. Not in its entirety (I will still need to go through it with my red pen and make sure everything is where it should be) but all the notes are very nearly there. I still have a little bit of the first movement to complete but that’s tomorrow’s work.

Day 100, by sheer coincidence, will be a day of rehearsal with CCI so there’s unlikely to be a celebratory day 100 post, but my plan is to go back and count how many of the 100 days couldn’t be composition days, and do a sort of “100 days redux” series, detailing my editing process, my write-up and submission process, and the completion of the remaining 3 CCI carols. I’ll also set a post aside to discuss administrative bullshit that we all have to put up with as part of the PhD process… I’m very fortunate in that any time administrative bullshit rears its ugly head, I get an almost instantaneous email from my extremely supportive supervisor, saying simply “leave this with me…”