A Limerick

In order to cope with stress in college, I used to write limericks about the subjects about which I should have been writing essays. Here's one of which I'm particularly proud, which facebook informs me I composed 3 years ago today:

There once was a man, Peter Warlock,
His character worse than a Morlock.
He hated the girls,
But strung 'em in pearls,
Then fled with a touch of his forelock. 

Peter Warlock was a notorious womaniser. He used to fall madly in love at them, (note I say 'at' not 'with') woo them, and at the first sign of emotional intimacy, pay them to leave him alone. It bit him in the behind when Minnie Lucie Channing (Puma) became pregnant by him and refused to accept the £100 he tried to fob her off with. Very interesting man! D.H. Lawrence actually based a character in Women In Love on Warlock's (mis)adventures, which caused them to fall out and Warlock to sue Lawrence's publishers.