100 Days Redux – BERLIN NIGHTS – Day 3

Completed the edits on movement 2 yesterday, and celebrated with schnitzel and spätzel and beer at a 100% gluten free cafe mere minutes from the flat I’m staying in.

Today, I began the edits to movement 3. I’m more or less happy with this one, I keep saying, but I’m starting to feel a bit ambiguous about it. It’s the first movement of the piece that I composed, and I think you can tell. Structurally and thematically it’s all ok, but it just doesn’t have the same power as some of the movements I wrote more recently. I’m half trying to think of ways to spice it up a bit, but to be honest I think I’ll leave it. It’s only 3 minutes out of a total of 50 and could be a nice little pallet cleanser after the very somber and intense second movement.