100 Days – Day 92

Very slow day today. I still have basically 2 lines to set of ACC1. I spent today mostly tweaking the fugal passage I wrote yesterday. The temptation to try to develop it is very real, but I don’t think it would fit in the place where it is if I did so.

The lines I have remaining are as follows:

Go saoraidh Dia ar an múr tine mé,
Ar bhuanpholl na ndeor!

Which translates as

The great God is my protection from the fiery wall,
The everlasting pit of tears

I think I’ve been focussing on the fiery wall too much. I want to make the strings a bit fiery, but if the poet is being protected from said fire, then the singers need to be doing something more tranquil. But maybe something a bit more on edge too? I had a very clear idea for it at the beginning, but I just don’t think it works well enough.

I’m going to Belfast on Saturday so I’ll have 2 days off. Something might come to me then. Or it might come to me tomorrow. Who knows?