100 Days – Day 90

Wow. Only 10 days left!

I took the weekend and bank holiday off both composition and blogging, as I realised on Saturday morning that I was once again starting to bark up the wrong tree a bit with my first movement. I came up with some great material last week, which I’ll definitely use again (there’s a potential string quartet movement in there for sure – once this is all over I might even write a companion string quartet to go with Amra Choluim Chille!) but for now I need to get back to my original idea of the first movement being a simple invocation. There’s going to be more unaccompanied choral writing in it, and more of an establishing of the bi-tonal characteristics of the piece, rather than too much introduction of one off material.

10 days to go. I’ll definitely have this done in time! Then I’m going to go back and look at how many days I skipped and took off, and insert them at a later date. Talk about economical!