100 Days – Day 85

A slow day today in terms of real composition, other than the slightly surreal short story I wrote in the wee hours. More on that later.

I’ve been sketching out my plans for the final work on the opening movement of ACC, and then I sat down and listened to the 2nd to 7th movements all one after the other. This was a good idea because I hadn’t done so before, and it’s a good 40 minutes or so of music. Obviously I planned it this way, but the 6 movements flow very nicely one into another, and I feel like the 7th movement is really quite cathartic. I now also know how the opening movement needs to be proportioned, which means there’ll be a small amount of re-writing to do, and I’m also going to change the music for the 5th and 6th lines of the movement, to foreshadow the new material I came up with for the 5th movement. I’ll probably do that tomorrow, as I’m definitely already happy with the ending, except I need to add some strings and harp.