100 Days – Day 77

Well. ACC6 is all but finished. As far as I’m concerned, all the notes that should be on the page are there. A lot of formatting needs to be done I’d say, and as usual it’s lacking in dynamics and so on, but I’m pretty much finished with it.

It feels a lot less cathartic to have finished this movement for some reason. I think it’s partly because actually, when I got down to it, there wasn’t much to do on it except for bitty little bits. I also partly think it’s because this movement isn’t necessarily the most interesting in the piece. It’s fairly static, because the previous three movements go like absolute wild-fire. In context, I think this movement is a bit of an exhalation, but having just spent the day on it, it’s not exactly overwhelming on it’s own.

Tomorrow, I’m tackling the previous movement, so maybe I’ll be a bit more enthused!