100 Days – Day 74

Started off today by writing a song before breakfast – over the last few years I’ve been setting a cycle of poems by Maryanne Doyle to music, called In and out of Love. I wrote the first 2 as birthday presents for Dominica, because they deal with being in love, but the last two poems deal with break-ups, so this morning’s offering was just to add the next song in the cycle.

The piano right hand just plays the same 5 bar motif over and over again. This is because, in the poem (Mistaken) the speaker seems to be lying awake in bed, running over a situation in which her lover has mumbled some other woman’s name while sleeping. We can all identify with that feeling of lying awake, with a single thought spinning around and around in our heads.

Regarding ACC, I did very little work on it today, because I was dealing with a situation where I wasn’t at a rehearsal I hadn’t been told about, but I find myself unexpectedly totally free tomorrow, so I anticipate that I’ll finish it tomorrow on schedule as planned.