100 Days – Day 7

Dialogues of the Carmelites live broadcast from the Met today. I’m a little bit destroyed.

I’ve always loved the opera, but watching it for the second time, I really noticed how Poulenc musically foreshadows the climactic scene throughout the whole opera – the minor third bass line keeps popping up in unexpected places, so when it finally arrived in the final scene, underneath the triumphant major trumpet motif representing (presumably) the revolution, it left me literally trembling. I also really liked how the director foreshadowed Blanche’s fate with the hanging curtain in the stand-alone doorway in the first scene. It was a very subtle nod to the guillotine that we never actually see.

I have only a single line of my 6th movement left to set, but a lot of string parts still to write. Hopefully I’ll get all of this done tomorrow and early Thursday, so I can at least have 2 movements to talk about in my PhD meeting next week.

After one week of this blog, however, I’ve managed to cut down the amount of work I have left to do by almost a whole movement, leaving me with 2 complete movements, and 5 half-complete movements, 3 of which essentially just need to be ground out and polished off, which is extremely tedious, but at least doesn’t require any actual creativity, which is the hardest part.

I bought myself a printer for my 30th birthday and it arrived today. No more waiting around in print shops just so that I can come home and use Method 2.

*see http://www.eoghandesmond.com/blog/100-days-4