100 Days – Day 58


And I’m leaving my laptop here in Dublin, just to get a bit of space from it. So there won’t be any updates on this blog until next Tuesday.

I’m bringing PhD work with me though – I’m going to try to get some good work done on the the fugues in movements 5 and 7 of my PhD. I’ll also be bringing my O Riada book, and singing my O Sacrum Convivium no fewer than 3 times.

Speaking of my O Sacrum Convivium, I finally got around to digging out legit sources for the 6 pieces that Cailínó will soon be publishing: Carol of the Field-Mice, Comrades, This is my Prayer to Thee, Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven, I see His Blood upon the Rose and O Sacrum Convivium. Watch this space!