100 Days – Day 50

Wow! Halfway there! Living on a prayer!

Where does the time go?

I’ve written a lot of my Christmas Carol “The Morningstar” today. I decided I’d write that instead of ACC to act as a little bit of a sorbet. It needs a good bit of work but the basic piece is there – 5 minutes or so of quite mushy, ethereal music based on an ancient Chorale tune.

From tomorrow I’m back to the PhD – with 50 days to go, and 5 movements to finish, I think I’ll probably allocate 10 days to each movement. If I finish early, I’ll focus on a Christmas carol for a while, then move to the next movement. Some movements (the first, fifth and seventh) need more work (the second is all but finished, and the sixth seems to auto-write whenever I work on it) so I’ll not be keeping to an exact 10 day schedule, but that’s just a way for me to put a rough structure on things.