100 Days – Day 47

Apologies for the lack of updates the last 2 days. I had gigs both nights and by the time I got home I was too tired to write any words – although I did write some music on both days! Not a lot, but a little, and all very worthwhile.

Well, I think I’m finally at the beginning of the end. Today I put all the vocal parts for ACC5 into one single file, making it the last movement to have all of what I’ve written of it in one single file. The only bit of text now I have left to set is a few lines of the first movement, but I’m leaving that till last as I have a pretty good idea of how it’s going to flow.

However. The closer I come to finishing, the more work there seems to be. Every time it takes 5 minutes to decide on a few bars, the farther away the end seems. It still seems like I’ll have it done in (I hope) about 7/8 weeks time, maximum, but we’ll see. My worries about it are now manifesting in quite strange dreams:

On Friday night, I dreamt I had a beard.
On Wednesday night I dreamt I owed someone €3,000, and they kept bringing it up but wouldn’t let me pay them back.
The previous week I dreamt that because the electricity bill had gone up by 3%, I was now going to have to pay 100% of the electricity bill instead of my current 33%.

Meeting with Phill on Tuesday, and I’ve only got one movement to show for it, but it’s a completely re-written, re-structured movement, that’s taken me 4 weeks to get on top of. It’s been like pushing a giant rock uphill at times, but one day, when it rolled down, I realised I could just walk to the top of the hill without the rock. There was a new, better rock on top of the hill, and I gave it a nudge, and it went tumbling down. At the moment it’s rolling fairly easily. If I can keep up the momentum for the next 53 days, we’re home and dry.