100 Days – Day 42

ACC 5 is finally coming together

What started out yesterday morning as the beginning of the seed of the new idea has blossomed into a fully fledged formal structure and material plan for the beginning of ACC 5. It was yesterday evening as I was walking home along Sandymount Strand that I came to the realisation that I had to actually discard all of the material I’d composed in Copenhagen, and all of the ideas that I had developed to go with it. I stood there looking out to sea, and there was a rainbow in the sky, and I felt a tremendous sense of letting go of something that wasn’t working. A sense of freedom from past decisions. When I got home I set about developing those ideas and got into one of those mental places where I found it difficult to stop working because I was so encouraged by what I was writing.

The very beginning still needs a little work, but basically the structure is: