100 Days – Day 32

I took a break from actually sitting down and composing for extended periods of time today and yesterday. I just needed some space from the PhD piece. I put together some sketches for a new opening of ACC5, which I’ll work on in a week after I finish Before Bach and After 4 with the Chamber Choir. Today I mostly spent my time prepping 6 new pieces for publication with Cailino Music Publishers, which is exciting! I just need to chase down published sources for 4 of my texts and it’s all good to go.

I also started sketching one of my 4 Christmas Carols for Chamber Choir to sing later this year. I had been going to leave these until I’d done a bit more of my PhD, but again, it’s good to get some space from that, while still being productive. In this case, I started work on The Morningstar, which is going to be a sort of arrangement of the first verse of the hymn “How Brightly Beams the Morning Star.”. I say “sort of arrangement” because while it will be heavily based on that tune, and almost always recognisably so, It’ll be heard through layers and layers of shimmery wrapping paper. How festive!