100 Days – Days 19&20

Day 19

No post on Sunday! I did a little PhD work but then got distracted unrolling my new mattress topper, and ironing literally every shirt I own – which I find very therapeutic. By the time I finished ironing it was already not Sunday anymore...
I highly recommend the mattress topper, by the way. I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well.

Day 20

So far today I’ve mainly just been working on how the harmonic structure of my 5th movement (the big re-write) is going to progress. I’m beginning with a mode consisting of alternating semitones and minor 3rds, which creates a really interesting ‘open’ kind of sound, while still being a little disturbing, which will at some point transition into an octatonic collection, which should be suddenly much denser by comparison – I’ll probably end in a sort of Lydian space. (Lydian, oh Lydian, say have you met Lydian?)