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* * * PREMIERE of "A Kilmore Carol" * * *

David Leigh (Assistant Organist) and the Gentlemen of St Patrick's Cathedral Choir, will be premiering my new piece, "A Kilmore Carol" as part of the annual epiphany carol service, alongside music by Clemens non Papa, Jacob Handl (called Gallus) and William Byrd. The service is free to all, and will be followed by a performance of Olivier Messaien's "La Nativité du Seigneur" by David Leigh. 

If you can't make it in, you can also tune in on the live stream, found here.

Full text of the piece:


The darkest midnight in December,
No snow, no hail, nor winter storm,
Shall hinder us for to remember,
The Babe that on this night was born.
With Magi we are come to see,
This lowly Infants kingly charms,
Born of a maid as prophets said,
The King of love in Mary's arms.

No earthly gifts can we present Him,
No gold nor myrrh nor odours sweet.
But if with hearts we can content Him
We humbly lay them at His feet.
‘Twas but pure love that from above
Brought Him to save us from all harms
So let us sing and welcome Him,
The God of Love in Mary's arms.

Reverend William Devereux, 1696-1771